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I have been doing a lot of online birthday and Christmas gift shopping while staying at home and in the process I ran across a candle company in nearby Spartanburg, SC called Bridgewater Candles. They have been authorized to make hand sanitizer which is in such high demand these days.  It is unscented, 75% alcohol, and comes in large containers that you need to transfer into a dispensing bottle yourself. I bought a lot. (By the way, Bridgewater Candles also donates a share of their profits to Rice Bowls, an organization that feeds children in orphanages around the world.)

With so many deliveries coming to my door from my shopping, I wanted to thank the delivery folks. I placed small spray bottles of the hand sanitizer and a bag of granola bars and crackers outside my front door and a note encouraging delivery folks to help themselves. So far three people have taken me up on my offer

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