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The idea for Hey, Boomer came to me in late March, during the beginning of our staying in our homes because of the Coronavirus. I had been laid off from my job and know how difficult it is to find meaningful work after a certain age. I was thinking about other people from my generation who still have so much to offer and who still want to be relevant contributors to society. And the idea came to me that maybe during this time when we are all missing connection, Baby Boomers could share stories from their lives that could help to build connection, that might spark some feelings of hopefulness in others.

Since the first Facebook Live on April 13, we have had 7 episodes. We have talked about breast cancer, gun safety, cartooning and children’s books, how others have dealt with the loss of work. Each conversation has helped us build a sense of connection and community.

What started as a place for me to connect, has grown into a place for others to connect and share ideas. I now have guests scheduled through July. We broadcast every Monday at 1:00 and then I am learning how to post these broadcasts to YouTube and podcasts.

This new project has been a labor of love and I hope that it will continue to grow and build a community where we can share our similarities and respectfully acknowledge our differences.

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