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We could all use a little goOd.

we don’t know about you, but we felt like the world could use a little bit more goodness during this time of need—and beyond! the Good Stories Project is exactly that: a collection of good stories from our community.

see good, share good, do good.

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greenville, sc
June 5, 2020

Great Gardens Make Great Leaders

Sha’dia Rosemond is a bright, young, and valuable member of the greater Greenville community. She worked as a Steward Fellow for a nonprofit called Sustaining…
greenville, sc
May 29, 2020

Hey, Boomer

The idea for Hey, Boomer came to me in late March, during the beginning of our staying in our homes because of the Coronavirus. I…
greenville, sc
May 14, 2020

Take What You Need

On my nightly walk through my neighborhood, on a route I’ve taken hundreds of times, I turned a corner and was greeted by something unexpected.…
san antonio, tx
May 12, 2020

Meals for a mom

Several weeks ago one of my friends shared with a group of us that she had set up a meal train for a lady she…
simpsonville, sc
May 8, 2020

Supporting Local Businesses and Delivery Drivers

I have been doing a lot of online birthday and Christmas gift shopping while staying at home and in the process I ran across a…
simpsonville, sc
May 8, 2020

Connecting with My Neighbors

I live on a street where the neighbors range from newborn twins to eighty-year-olds that have lived on the street for 40+ years. I decided…
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